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this ADF glass is seen by the image sensor for the entire length of the page. Step, click where you want the line to beginfor example, at the

top center of the page. Fortunately, Word lets you control the line's location, angle, style, color, relation to text, alignment and thickness and even add special visual effects such as outlines, shadows and 3D appearance. Affected products, click Properties in the title section above. Downloads are subject to this site's term of use. The image sensor, which is located under the glass, reads and interprets the moving page's contents. And, it affects all. Printed or Scanned Page Illustration, back to Content, who's this for? 5 Perform another scan to see whether cleaning the glass alleviated the issue. Vertical lines appear when you lay the page on the flatbed. Step, click the Shapes icon in the Illustrations group. Consider other printer-related topics such as toner cartridge, charge roll, photoconductor, transfer roll, or fuser. The image processor interprets the image sensor's repeated capture of this contamination as a vertical solid line. 2 Perform a visual inspection for any of the following recurring culprits: Clear adhesive tape Glue Ink pen Paper Marker White out Staples Environmental dust or dirt Hint: Ink marks can be especially hard to see and almost translucent at first sight. Step, click the Insert tab. This article provides some easy diagnostic steps and remedy suggestions. What you will see, single or multiple points of contamination on the ADF glass leads to a continuous solid line down all pages that are fed through the. 7 This time, place an intentional mark on a blank sheet of paper and take note of its location. The moving page slides across an ADF-designated portion of glass. Think of it this way: The page is pulled from the ADF. Given that you are in the UK, go to and click upon the blue Find button (in the Find A Repair Centre area with the map background). This is seldom a scanner hardware failure. Suggested diagnosis and fix, step, action 1, locate the portion of the glass designated for ADF scans. 6 Repeat the procedure should a vertical line still appear. Note: When calling for support, you will need the following: Affected printer model s Printer serial number Please be near the product/s described in this article to expedite the support process and reduce callbacks).

And you will get a map and listings for all nearby Epson Service Centres that can fix your paper printer. Vertical lines on output with pages fed through the. Holding down the mouse button, drag to the spot where you want the line to endfor example. Before committing to repair, and you might perhaps prefer to replace your printer instead. And then fill, then fill in your street and city.

Lines down the page can be caused by a few things - depending on what the line looks like.If it is a smudged dirty streaky mark continously down the page, you migh have a dirty fuser - it may have been picking up toner and it has built up and then put it back down on the paper.How to Draw a, line Down the, middle in Microsoft Word; How to Draw.

Paper line down iddle, Paper tower flushable

Release the mouse button, you have to insert the line as a special shape. Back to Content, although Word has a formatting feature that adds horizontal lines easily. Your scanner research and your photocopying is disabled until that is repaired. All users of Lexmark MFPs or AllInOne inkjet printers.


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