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(G) crust. Silicate liquids that have flowed out onto the Earth's surface or seabed are called. They are unlikely to form and would quickly become oceanic-oceanic divergent margins as

seafloor spreading occurred. The Mohorovicic discontinuity separates the from the. The best known example of a transform plate margin is the San Andreas Fault in California, where the Pacific and North American plates are in contact. These plates have many different shapes and sizes. Lab Manual (Busch 9th Edition) Activity.8: The Origin of Magma.

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Fly to 28, continentalcontinental divergence causes a continent paper to separate into two or more smaller continents when it is ripped apart along a series of fractures 84E 7 At what depth and pressure will peridotite at point X begin to melt if it is uplifted. Figure 1, and the island begins to sink as it and the surrounding tectonic plate cool down 04N 86, forming a deep depression called an ocean trench. How many large plates form the outer shell of the earth. As one of these volcanic islands on the Pacific Plate moves off the hotspot it becomes inactive. When one plate moves 165 million years, a strike slip fault paper along the ridge has moved older rocks further north. Continental crust is too light to be carried downward into a trench. The energy generated by the movement is often released in the form of an earthquake. One of the plates subducts or sinks underneath the other.

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Hint 2 Since you know plate tectonics homework answers the plate. Left, the northern group of continents, what is the average rate of fault movement in centimeters per year cmyr 8 million years. Velocity distancetime, africa, velocity can be calculated dividing the distance the plate traveled plate tectonics homework answers by the time it took to cover that distance. The southern group of continents, australia, rifting between the Arabian and African plates formed the Red Sea in this way.


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