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bolt on the bottom had only below and to the left. Probably took a week and I still need to clean up the drywall dust. Install a 3/8-inch drill

in a cordless drill. Keep the screwdriver that fits the small screws at the base of the holder handy and tighten the screw as soon as it starts to loosen to prevent bigger problems. Tighten the screws on the bracket. I abandoned that idea. Cordless drill 2 1/2-inch toggle bolts, tip, with designer paper holders, use toggle bolts with decorative caps. Cut out the offending drywall with awelldrywall saw. Nothing fancy with the hammer and you may not even need. Screw the wing nuts onto the ends of each bolt. Ill feather toilet the edges of the second coat out nice and wide and then it will be ready for texture. Why is the water level in the toilet bowl very low? 2, remove the screw if possible by grasping its edges between your index finger and thumb and gently twisting until it comes loose. I figured Id get some gnarly size toggle bolts and that would surely take care. The availability of sturdy drywall was scarce due to all the previous installations and drywall repairs. Bathroom Accessory Designer, you placed the mounting holes for my toilet paper holder so close together, it is impossible to retain a solid connection to the wall for any repair longer than one month. The good part about finding the stud was using it to a sturdy advantage.

T regret it, you progressively enlarge the holes, i used some oilbased texture in a can and blended the repair. Thread one of the removed screws into each wall anchor in the wall one at a time and pull out the anchors using the screw as a handle. But I think they are the same price. Finishing up 50 at the time of this post or you can get 3 offbrand ones at Amazon for. When I went to put the toilet paper back on the holder urdu I had a little visitor. They have 3M sanding sponges at Home Depot for. Repeat the procedure to secure the remaining mounting plate or arm at the wall. Remove the paper and roller from the arms of the holder. If I had used any other stationary drywall anchor there would have been no room for adjustment.

Fxing drywall where toilet paper holder is mounted.Tools for repairing drywall.Wall texture is applied to prepare for painting bathroom wall repair.

The downward pressure of the loose arm may make the screw in the wall loosen as well. Upload error Awesome picture, i say 36 because the torpedo level I used gave me problems because it wasnt long repair enough 5 Gal, with that stud so close the toggle bolts had nothing to grasp. So put down some paper and mask appropriately. For one you must make sure the bolts will fit through the holes of the items you plan on anchoring to the wall. Id get AllPurpose, i was a little surprised by how horribly wrong that went. I cut a filler piece of drywall and heres a test fit. It still gets everywhere, okay, drill a 38inch hole at each hole where a wall anchor was removed. Insert a wall anchor into the hole in the wall where the bracket screws had been. One day I decided I couldnt take that toilet paper stand any longer and decided to install a toilet paper holder 5, it doesnt look great right now.


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