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 First heres a look at the scraper I made from all angles before the grate grooves have been formed.I folded the keep but didn't glue it closed, I then glued three edges of the roof into place and finally glued the tower closed.

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so the glue sticks - or if you're using sticky tape or staples, hold the sides together and fasten them in place. The Wizard's Castle Want to see another paper castle build? The Neuschwanstein Paper Castle Project The Black Dragon paper Castle- This is my latest paper castle project and currently the castle is completed but the tutorial is not. Drill and bit, belt Sander 40 grit and 120 grit belt sander paper, strip of leather or cord, mineral Oil. Garden helper - Run a string through the hole and hang in yard or from trees to keep birds away from garden. This will take 10 20 minutes depending on your sander and sand paper. I then lightly draw/trace a design onto the dried surface and proceed to scratch onto the design. Looks really cool when it is lightly e clear colored bulbs work best, but the opaque ones will. Easy to make and should take about an hour. This is a complete kit that you download, print up and make. Then I spray painted the top coat with clear paint. You can also use the tool for cleaning out the inside of the grates by turning it sideways. Coloring the castle parts : You can color all the parts and add designs after you print out the pages and before you build the castle (this is preferred if you are going to be using crayons). If you don't have that many you could also use them for a window or mirror border. Finally, Cut the tips off the tower tops and glue a toothpick or trimmed cotton swap stick into. All these tools will work. Contributed by Gloria, Mobile - Drill holes in the top and string together to make a mobile. There are not yet any instructions to go with. Then laced the outer edges. Put them side by side or overlap them. I did it, and show you pictures and a little video. Screw metal hook into the top and spin. The reflection off the cd's is great for centerpieces on buffet tables, especially during the holidays. It too has a moat! You can see more pics here Here is another great castle built by a couple of web visitors ( Poppy and Dylan from Wales, UK ). I have a teeny tiny catapult project that you can build and storm this castle with! PDF of the Paper Castle Project. Paint w/ acrylic mixed with multi-purpose sealer. Parts and Tools Needed for this Project 3 Empty Cereal Boxes, white Glue or paste 4 Bathroom Tissue tubes or 2 Paper towel tubes - if you use paper towel tubes cut them to 4 and a half inches in height so you have four. Every artist needs a well-stocked toolbox. I show here that I glued to the plain inside of the boxes.

Glue 2 CDs paper together label sides to one another To make holes for hanging. Fold them up and glue them. I ran out of clean spots last construction week.

Use a pair of pliers to hold onto needle or nail and hold over an open flame to heat. S Castle, if you want to see a larger picture I have one here. Woodforde how to make sharp stuff out of paper Castle Fun and easy paper castle kit. Note from Will, this is the easy paper castle. Poppy and Dylanapos, the Template and the tutorial are both absolutely free. Then push through the two discs when hot enough. Paint the courtyard a dirt or sand color. Merry Mead Castle Paper booklet Willapos.

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Make another cut in the same way about 2cm away from the first one, and repeat until you've made cuts all the way along the card, stopping about 2cm from the end.