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daily life. DDD focuses more on creating bounded contexts in which a single model is created, BDD focuses more on different scenarios and can create executable specifications as an

outcome. Beer Break Day 1, 8 Nov starts 16:00 (Track 1) Talk Details to be Confirmed coming-soon p3x agility About the speakers. The audience will also learn what visual making paper sachets testing is, what tools are available, some of the common pitfalls of using visual testings as well as tips on ways to overcome them based on an experience of creating a custom visual test framework at my current. Day 1, 8 Nov starts 15:00 (Track 2) BDD Alchemy: Change your Heavy Lead (Pb) Code into Pure Gold (Au) Philippe Bourgau How to continuously deliver more and more value? Is your current development process helpful or harmful to your delivery team? The Purebred Alternative Listing Program (PAL) is designed to allow dogs to participate in AKC Companion and Performance Events. Martine Devos Come and join us for a Workshop by Martine Devos! Come and learn how to sort the wheat from the chaff, the effective from the dogmatic, of scaling delivery, and find out why Dan is Scaling Without A Religious Methodology. Avoiding a prescribed definitive approach to story writing, yet effectively using a common language to satisfy each objective is challenging. But system behaviour changes over time, and it can be difficult to maintain tests with many assertions written against the original behaviour. You can simultaneously create a model and executable specifications for your user needs. Drawing on collaborative techniques gold kraft wrapping paper from Lean, BDD and Specification by Example (as well as some new ones you will gain a hands-on understanding of how to leverage examples to guide conversations and drive development throughout the life-cycle of a project and beyond, from ideas. Whether you are working at the enterprise level in an international business as Isha was when she started this journey or at dynamic fast-paced start-up like where she is now, you'll find this talk pertinent, relevant and engaging. Everything is going fine until the day when, during an informal conversation, you understand something deeper about your domain This is called a refactoring breakthrough. Day 2, 9 Nov starts 11:15 (Track 3) Changing Mindsets: Developers can Understand the Business too! Day 1, 8 Nov starts 11:15 (Track 2) Establishing Modern QA practices In Lean Startups Isha Soni Isha gained valuable QA experience in the UKs largest online fashion retailer and grew within an environment which encouraged learning, experimentation and continuous improvement. Process - Deliver world-changing outcomes. Many teams use Behavior Driven Development (BDD) for automated UI testing. Coffee Break Day 2, 9 Nov starts 10:15 (Track 1) Track Lead: 7 Lessons From Science That Will Improve Team Collaboration Alan Furlong What if there were some universal truths about how to make a great team? All of these facilitate agility, each more focused on either people, product or process. In this talk, Antony shares with you what agility means in his eyes in terms of people, product process. While both the DDD and BDD techniques emphasis on real-life stories by doing collaborative deliberate learning, they both focus on different goals. Despite all the benefits of AI, there are risks that are introduced which can manifest themselves as a bias towards customers or users, in the form of racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination. Scholarship recipients will receive a complimentary ticket to the conference. This issue is explored in detail by Adam who discusses approaches to testing for bias throughout the lifecycle. This is not a coincidence. Nancy believes that when it comes to diversity as you know and discuss in today's world, you have only just scratched the surface. There are techniques and heuristics for asking better questions, listening carefully to words and other signals, and for managing credibility as a developer facing business experts. Don Reinertsen says, The enemy of flow is the invisible and unmeasured queues that undermine all aspects of product development performance, but how can you fight an invisible enemy? Book Now, watch Last Year's Talks, view free SkillsCast recordings of last year's talks. Should we rethink the whole notion of technical debt? However, often the developers fall under the pitfall of the technical jargon; the business assumes the developers have all the necessary business knowledge, given incomplete requirements; combining all these communication problems leads to frustration, missed opportunities and ultimately to project failure. Several will focus on frameworks like Scrum or Kanban. However, it wasn't an easy ride despite being armed with valuable knowledge.

When you have chosen to accelerate change. Save time and money, bringing people along and explaining the why is important. Overview, while acceptance criteria are succinctly expressed favor and test coverage is thorough. Understanding what needs to improve in the existing QA function.

Find Your Match Answer a few simple questions and find the right dog for you.2 day conference in London, United Kingdom.The evolution of Agile Testing and BDD eXchange.

The PAL program allows the dog and owner a second chance at discovering the rewards of participating in AKC events. Scaling Without A Religious Methodology Dan North Dan North has spent the last few years showing all kinds of organisations how they can deliver faster. Once compiled, product, slice and explore the intent of each evolution of our products. Youre not sure if youll be able to deliver everything the client wants in the time they can afford. Sarah Templey Taking how can i register a dog without papers inspiration from cognitive and behavioural ecology. Get your tickets here Sponsors Thanks to our sponsors Whether you are seeking to improve visibility of your tools.

It just doubled overnight!What insights can be drawn from this and taken into our teams?Or, can you adapt quickly to take on the role most valuable to the team at that time?


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